Monday, June 15, 2009

Just For Fun!

I thought this was kinda funny! haha

Engagement Pics!

So 3 weekends ago we went to Rexburg, Idaho and stayed at my Aunt Wendi and Uncle Chads house! We saw some of our friends, watched my cousin Whitney's tennis tournament, and she took our engagement pictures! They turned out so good! so thanks Whitney!!

We're Engaged!!

So on April 9, 2009 Andrew proposed to me! so here's the story...

So earlier on that month we both customized my wedding ring! (similar to the one above) He had told me that he had run a check to his cousin who was helping us get the ring earlier that day. A little while later he had his cousin call him and say he forgot to sign the check. So he told me we had to drive from Provo to Lehi and I was like "are you kidding me? who forgets to sign their check?" and I went with him anyways...finally we got there and went inside. He fake signs the check and then his cousin gives us stuff to go make smores out by the camp fire. So we go out back and there is a camp fire and some champagne glass's with sparkling cider by it on the ground with rose peddles all over. When I saw it I told Andrew that we should go because I though we were interrupting something. He assured me that everything was fine and we should stay there. So we stayed for a while longer and he told me he was thirsty and wanted a drink of sparkling cider...I told him he couldn't mess up their glass's so he just drank out of the bottle. haha Then he came over to me sitting in a camping chair and spilled out his heart and "dropped knee" (as people in Utah put it). Then I said yes! after I went out of shock because I had no idea it was coming for a while, and that's how we got engaged! Thanks Andrew!!