Monday, February 11, 2013

Its a...

GIRL!! We are so excited for her to come in May! Its been a crazy road so far but we couldn't be happier!  Here is the story of how we got to this point. I was just working and Andrew going to school like normal and I had started to feel a little off.  I thought it was the flu for a month or so and my mom told me to go figure out if I was pregnant for sure.  I went and bought a pregnancy test and took it.  Normally the tests have 2 lines when your pregnant not just one the line had come up and I was relieved that I was not.  Looking at the test closer I noticed this one was different and it had shown up positive!  Thinking there was no way I took 2 more and they all came up positive.  Not knowing what to do I tried to get ahold of andrew who was in school, he wasn't answering, so I called my sister to tell her what had just happened.  Next thing I know she is celebrating on the other side of the phone, while I am still in shock because I was pregnant.  Finally Andrew had gotten back to me and I told him.  He didn't believe me and I had to convince him that I WAS NOT KIDDING!  Finally after coming to terms with "we are going to have a baby" we schedules a doctors appointment.  We went to the appointment and they did an ultrasound to see how far along I was.  He then had told me that I was 9 weeks 5 days along.  We were in complete shock!  I guess if I had to do it again that is how I would do it because 2 months down already only 7 to go.  Even though we weren't totally expecting her, we are so excited and those 7 months are proving to be longer than we thought they would.  I just want her to get here!!  We made sure that we got an apartment that had a room for her and I have been looking at clothes wanting to buy all of them.  Andrew has been glad he has been there to help reel me in. haha anyways here are some of the pictures we have been taking along the way!  We will post more as we go!

21 weeks...

24 weeks...

24 weeks...

Dresses my mom bought her for Christmas! 

The ultrasound went great she is doing as good as we could have hoped!

The Pittsburgh Zoo

Andrew's aunt and uncle came over from Maryland for New Years.  We didn't know much about Pittsburgh.  We had just moved to the area so we didn't know any "hot spots" but heard the zoo was good. So here we went.

Andrew and the Polar Bear

Some kind of fish


Sea Horses! I have never them before!


Random fish

Because it was New Years there was a party on the aquarium and we got awesome crowns!

Me and the lemurs. 

Andrew and Aunt Brenda!

Pennsylvania Here We Come!

Andrew graduated and got a job!! (I would have posted graduation pictures but they don't have graduation in December)  We drove the 3 day adventure from Utah to Pittsburgh, PA, which I do not recommend by the way.  After we got here and moved into our apartment we were all exhausted, but so far everything has been great! We love our ward, Andrew and I are getting settled into our jobs, and we are pretty much unpacked for the most part!  Pittsburgh is not where we thought we would have moved but we are starting to enjoy it and get to know the ins and outs.

We checked out the local hot spots on the Food Network and  found the restaurant Primanti Bros. down town and it is delicious!  

The way it works is you just pick your meat and every sandwich comes with coleslaw and fries.

Andrew waiting for our food.

Halloween 2012

Andrews mom's work throws an annual halloween party at heehaws (a place in pleasant grove Utah).  We went the party the first year we were married and decided that it would be a whole lot better if we had kids with us so this year we came prepared with the McGhie family! We had a blast! Thanks for coming Matt and Steff it was a lot of fun to have you guys come with us!
Matt and Josh on the Trick or Treat hay ride!

Lucy and I getting ready to collect all the candy.  Winston remembered from last year to bring bags for the candy so we were prepared!

Josh in the corn box

Lucy having the time of her life!


and Winston.

I am pretty sure they had corn everywhere by the time they were done!

Extensions and Washington

I decided to try out the long hair thing for the first time.  Loved it for a while but man is it a lot of work!

The troll under the bridge with the family!

Mom and Dad having the time of their lives in Seattle!

Summer Visitors!

This past summer Andrew went to Washington for his internship and I stayed in Utah for my job.  Brett felt pitty on me and decided to stay an extra week so I wasn't all by myself.  I tried to be fun but I think he was ready to go home by the end of the week!

He ate through the entire thing while he was at my apartment that week!

We bought kites from the dollar store and Brett had to have the airplane.

Which left me with the fairy.  We ended up running around with it dragging on the ground more than flying them...but we had fun anyways!

Utah Lake...

We thought it was a good idea to watch my Dad and his brothers to swim in Utah Lake.  That was until the bugs decided to come out...we thought they were mosquitos until some guys laughing at us told us they were nats.  Here are a few highlight moments from us waiting for them on the shoreline.
Mom shielding herself from all the bugs

Andrew trying to keep all the bugs off

Brandon after his swim trying to get out of the bugs

Lagoon Time...

When my family came to Utah to visit us my Dad already had plans to go hang gliding which is fun but we decided to have even more fun at Lagoon!!
Waiting in line

Brandon and my Mom after getting all wet!

Say cheese

At the end we were all tired and some feeling a little sick so brett decided to end it out on a bang by himself...

Its been a while...

I know its been a while but now that I have more time on my hands I am going to attempt to try this again because everyone keeps asking for pictures and updates! so here we go...