Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Shopping!!

So the day after thanksgiving is black friday as everyone is well aware of. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I all decided to try out shopping this year. We went to Walmart...which was packed!! We found a couple good buys including $2 movies, $5 card games, and $8 books. We also got a couple presents...but would hate to spoil the surprise! haha Here is a picture showing how crowded it was. I think I will do it again next year...but only one store. Aeropostale was also really busy all night too. I had a shift from 3:30pm to 12:00pm and the whole time it was busy! well enough about that. Xoxo Becca


So when I got back to utah I realized that my brother had gotten a hold of my camera...the pictures speak for themselves...Xoxo Becca


So I know that this is a little late...but better late than never? haha For those of you who don't know we went to Seattle on our honeymoon! We both had a blast and everything went just as planned. I wish the week would have drawn out longer, but it had to end. Here are some pictures! Xoxo...Becca

Space Needle
Me in Seattle!!


Andrew found his own playground! haha

Sunset on the Space Needle

It was Beautiful!

The city...

Andrew and I

Andrew! Doesn't he look good?

Seattle again...I miss it!

Andrew on the Ferry Boat

It was a great day!

Hot dogs in Seattle

Gummy bear anyone?

One of the wonders of seattle!
The flowers were so pretty!

The fish were huge!

The market was so great!

Oh we were so cute!

I love him!


For Mom...

Tai Pan Tree idea's for those of you who don't live in utah.